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Please, can someone offer me some advice regarding my situation for graduate school.

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm in my 4th year of college as a Biological Science major with a minor in Mathematics and am ready to apply to a PhD program in Computational Biology and Molecular Biophysics at my current institution. Overall, I have about 3.6 with a lot of basic sciences at a Community College (I slacked in high school....) and have a whole bunch of more advanced Biology and Mathematics taken at my current institution. Initially, I intended to go to medical school but I would much rather do mathematical research in Physiology. :D The good news is, I have taken a graduate course that is offered in the Computational Biology and Molecular Biophysics program last Fall and did very well. Of course, I owe it all to the wonderful professor. Also, I am signed up for another graduate course in the same program next Fall.

    My question pertains to admissions in the program, but I am not sure about what to do to help my chances. The program adviser have told me that I should take both the GRE general and GRE subject (be it whether Biochemistry or Mathematics), but if I were not to the the subject exam, then everything else would be weighted heavier (including my GPA, letter of recommendations, research, etc..). With my current background in Mathematics, I don't think I would do extraordinary due to lack of advanced courses. Surely, I am confident with my abilities on the general exam, just like everyone in this forum.

    Sorry for the long email, but I felt it was important to show the details so that everyone has more to work with. Thank you very much for your time. Any opinions here would be deeply appreciated.

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    If they've told you to take the subject exam, take a subject exam. Since you have a choice of two quite different subject exams that would benefit you in getting into the program, choose the one you think you'd do best in. If your strength is biological sciences, take the biochem exam. If your strength is more in math, take the math exam. You can study for those like any other exam, and there should be sample tests and prep books available as well, so you can see what types of questions are asked and brush up on any weak areas.
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