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Homework Help: Please check my solution

  1. Feb 5, 2008 #1
    Hi guys

    it seems I will count on you during this semester, I have solved an exercise in quantum, but I wanna someone to check my answer, can you guys help me as soon as possiple.
    the ex. is:
    propagate a gausian wave function with the

    K(x t x' t')= K0(x t x' t') exp {(i/2hpar)(t-t’) ( F(x+x’) - F2(t-t’)2/12m}

    and obtain P(x,t)

    my solution is:

    this propagator is for a constant force field, then i did some steps to get apsi and apsi*, then i multiply both of them to get P(x t), please guys any related site to check my answer because its hard to type the answer.

    thanks in advance
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