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Please debunk this video

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    Has it been debunked? I need a link!

    A friend of mine is a UFO fanatic, and he sent it to me to convert me. I have to admit I'm a little impressed. How was it made?
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    Cool video i hadnt seen it before. The initial spheres could be fireballoons or whatever theyr called, they are often released in large groups. The final craft, could perhaps be a hot air balloon or some other kind of decorated balloon. It looks like it accelerates, but its not clear enough.

    The thing looks similar to another sighting video some years ago, which was shot from a busy street intersection, somewhere in south america.

    If u count the number of ropes in this http://www.bristolfiesta.co.uk/gallery/NG_2.jpg [Broken] and count the number of lights on the ufo (i think its 12, 13 or 14), see if they match.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Did this thing ever do anything that goes beyond the performance envelope of a radio controlled toy?
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    It looked a lot like the fire lanterns 'Khoom Fay' , with the main UFO being a remote controlled hot air balloon.
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    Aw! Contess,
    You are not suppose to tell.
    GTB please.
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    If a blurry video has won you over, then I'm not sure you even needed that to "believe."

    I do find it interesting how many people taking random videos with their camcorders will spot UFO's, and yet dedicated video feeds never seem to capture much of anything.

    The UFO's must be watching all the video feeds and strategically placing themselves in front of people who can't hold their video cameras steady!
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