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Homework Help: Please Evaluate my answer (I feel im doing something wrong)

  1. Mar 7, 2008 #1
    Question: Use the experimental values to calculate the enthalpy change in each system.

    Quantity of reactant 1 5.61 g KOH(s)
    Quantity of reactant 2 N/A
    Initial Temperature (oC) 20.0
    Final Temperature (oC) 24.1


    ΔT = tf - ti
    = 24.1 oC - 20.0 oC
    = 4.1 oC

    qt = 0

    qt = qreaction+ qwater

    qreaction= - qwater

    qp= - mwaterCp(water) DT

    qp = mc ΔT

    = (5.61 g) (4.186 joule/gram °C) (4.1 oC)

    =96.14 J

    Where H is the Hfinal minus Hinitial and q is heat
    ΔH = ( mcΔT)/n

    n = (mass of compound)/(molar mass of compound)

    = (5.61 g KOH(s))/(56.1 g/mol)

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