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Please, explain this circuit.

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    please, help me understand this circuit that is drawn here: http://wild-bohemian.com/electronics/flasher.html

    I have learned about miltivibrators (which is what I believe this is) in my electronics classes but never really understood them.

    I tried understanding it myself - as the current flows trough the path of least resistance, it will flow trough the capacitors first, charging them, and then saturates the transistors, thus unlocking its way to ground trough their collector and emitter and then the capacitors will uncharge, desaturating the transistors and then back to start, but this will keep the leds always on and the bigger resistors going to the bases will not be needed. So, I am wrong.

    Please, explain it in simple steps. Thank you :)
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    Try typing "multivibrator" into Wikipedia. There's an excellent explanation there. What you have is called an "astable" multivibrator.
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