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Please Explain this?

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    Please Explain this?!?!?!

    hey, ok so i was going tthrough my text book and following some examples hwne i cam up to this:

    Force of Thrust = Ft/ delta T

    = 6N / 3.48s

    =1.7 N

    but it doesnt say what the equation means. can someone plz help me and explain what is happeing.
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    Re: Please Explain this?!?!?!

    A little more information regarding the problem would be helpful. However, how can one divide Newtons by time and wind up with Newtons?
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    Re: Please Explain this?!?!?!

    Have you covered momentum yet? I don't remember how to calculate force of thrust without using momentum, so I hope this is helpful to you.

    The equation for Force of Thrust I know, is
    F(thrust) = ((m * V)2 - (m * V)1) / (t2 - t1)

    This can also be written as
    F(thrust) = Δp / Δt
    Force of thrust = change in momentum / change in time

    Which would give you
    N = N*s/s
    meaning your seconds would cancel to give the correct units.
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    Re: Please Explain this?!?!?!

    the doth prevous questins are pretty good. But i dont understand why did u posted a quastion that is already answered.. If you dont understand it just read the 3-4 prevous pages of your book! That is not so difficult (sorry about my english and wrong words sometimes,,, ist because im writing from my mobile)
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