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Please Explain

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    Salut, dudes. I suck in math, I barely graduated (missing credits) and I dunno sht all bout quantum physics, can sum1 please explain the basics of quantum physics, I'm in a course in philosophy and am learning as much as I can bout as many things as I can n dis is one of em. Please Explain.
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    ezplainin mo

    i cant check it everyday but prolly every week day ill try, please voice your opinions and views on quantum physics or theology or philosophy, im extremely interested. =D
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    I dont think someone can just tell you the basics of quantum mechanics. Its not that easy. I suggest u do a bit of research about the topic yourself, then if you don't fully understand a certain aspect, ask someone to explain it for you
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    I cant

    im at an adult ed, nowhere near tha type of stuff yall talk about, i have no resources except tha net, was hopin sum1 could explain like wth quantum physics is... but ill keep lookin dude tankya
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    I guess its laziness?

    i dun really know how to tackle quantum physics so i was hopin sum1 would give me an understanding of it... this, radiology and of course philosophies interest me and i wish sum1 could post something helpful, no offense. physics forums and philosophy forums dot com are tha two places ive started my general inquiry, so far ive been met with only dead ends and ill advice, save for physics forums, that dudes nice. i just wish sum1 would give me their views, and as the other forum so n so told me, i realize this is a forum, not a lecture hall but man, its no written rule stating i cant bother to try, please give me your views, i love hearing what people have to say and everybody (especially all yall with a mind for dis stuff) has somethin to say. please post opinions and "lectures" if u will, love yall. -DoA Poodle
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    1. One thing quantum mechanics is not: a theory about discrete ("little pieces") nature. The only thing that comes in pieces is action (energy times time).

    2. The basic thing everybody agrees on in QM is the uncertainty priinciple. There are certain pairs of quantities that you might want to measure, that are called complementary quantities, which can never be exactly measured at the same time. The more accurately you know one of them, the less accurately you know the other one. Position and momentum are two complementary quantities.

    3. The other thing that every agrees on in QM is the math. They agree because it works; you can build experiments with it just like building a house from a blueprint, and the experiments work, even to high degrees of accuracy (but see item 2).

    4. Beyond that, nobody agrees. Beyond the math is the "interpretation". There are many schools of thought, one sounding nuttier than the next. There is no plain, down-to-earth interpretation because, well just because quantum mechanics is radically not plain and down-to-earth.
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    thank you man

    ok, so ur measuring cells atoms or (photons)(energy right?)? so complementary quantities are compared and observed? quantities of what, exactly? Its a matter of following a set of rules and applying them to these quantities which can give u infinite varieties? Are one of the quantities allowed to be static...er i mean like can they sit still while u measure them or is that not following the rules? So since this has to do with momentum does QM have to do with Einstein's E=MC2? and since i believe we'z talkin bout energy, would the energy a human body produces be able to be a complementary quantity? so complementary Q's, without one u dont need the other? Lol shows how little i know but i wanna learn, like i said i suck in math tho. Anyway man thank you very much for posting that, now i have a rough idea of what QM is, thank you.
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    quantum physics is the study of the very small, and the very insane.
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