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Please find a solution for me

  1. Feb 20, 2006 #1
    Hi everybody! I am facing a problem with a contorl valve (Vee notch ball valve). My process requirement is 10" size valve and i wanted to make it 8" size by creating the pressure drop across valve around 30%.

    Does anyone help me to design a pipeline which can creat the pressure drop across the valve around 30% in the inlet pressure. My valve inlet pressure is 0.86 kg/cm2.

    If we can creat the pressure drop across the valve at full open condition around 30% then i can reach my requirement with the 8" valve insted of using 10" valve.
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    Have you simply tried to find an 8" valve with a higher Cv?
  4. Feb 23, 2006 #3
    Reply: Yaa i have tried with valtek valves which offers higher Cv for V-notch ball valve. My process requirement can accept only v-notch ball valve, as it is a typical control of Paper grammage.

    Can we create a pressuredrop by redusing the pipe size at valve inlet and after wards again by increasing the pipe length? Basically i am from instrumentation engineer, i m not much familiar with mechanics.

    Please find some solution. I am online full day using yahoo messanger. ramesh_king11 is my yahoo id. if you come online we can chat.
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