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Please forgive us, recon

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    Please forgive us, recon!!

    Recently members of the The Sisterhood (see Member Photo thread - or was that Cutest Guy...? Well, anyway... somewhere on this board.. :redface: ) made a quick :surprised trip to NY to crash Tom's Halloween party. :biggrin: (See thread eititled "Knock knock knock") We had a delightful time :rofl: but apparently committed a massive faux pax in leaving our beloved niece, recon, behind!! :surprised :redface: (This occurred in our mad scramble to save enigma and Gokul from four Hearts-playing supermodel hussies who had them entrapped in Tom's apartment and were preparing to - well, God knows what...!!!) :redface: :cry: :redface:

    recon, my sweetie, your other (whacky) aunties and your mom and I would like to publically apologize for this. I SWEAR I thought you (AND enigma) made it to the RV!! I don't understand how this happened, but we're SO sorry. But we're also so glad you are such a resourceful and mature young lady! You got out of your predicament and made it home safe and sound - AND with enigma's SOCKS!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: You are the best niece on the planet!!

    We love you! :smile:

    Please forgive us!!! :cry: :cry: :cry:
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    I thought Recon made it back to the RV!!!!!!!!

    Recon, we would never have intentionally left without you!!!!! :frown:

    So, who's socks was I holding????? :surprised :surprised :surprised
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    I need some time to think about this... :devil:

    ...I'm trying to come up with something scathing to say... :grumpy:

    ...oooooh, I give up!


    But I never really was mad at you all - I haven't had the time. :smile: I've been too busy admiring my new socks (sorry enigma! you can't have it back).

    I really enjoy wriggling the udders. :cool:

    *Wriggles the toes* The only problem is that I'm not flexible enough...and can't have any milk.

    Maybe I should be the one saying sorry! :redface:

    :yuck: Get rid of it quickly, Evo! :yuck: You must always be weary of socks that have gone astray! :biggrin:
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