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Please give if you can to the ASPCA for animals

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    I just gave. Give what you can, even a dollar one time it's a single meal. Do what you can when you can, there is no obligation. It's just a one time gift.


    Please help if you can, if you cant, tell others.
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    Ithaca has a terrific SPCA. They have as pleasant a setting for the animals as any I've ever seen in an SPCA and I drop $20 in their box at a local mall a couple of times a year. They have a lot of volunteers who interact w/ the animals and relatively spacious accommodations, with far more glass than wire so lots of light, and all kept spotless. Still, it's heartbreaking to see the dogs in particular who so clearly want to be with people, not cooped up.
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    My family and I support our local SPCA with annual gifts.
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    I always support SPCA and no kill humane societies.
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    I plan to be a hobbyist farmer/rancher one day, and I will definitely try to get all my animals from these kinds of facilities.
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