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Please Give Me Help, Thank U.

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    i come from China. My husband, he is only 27 years old, he had good health, had no any disease.
    But at the end of last month, one day morning, he went to the office, suddenly
    faint down to the floor, he fell backwards. His mouth spit the foam, his legs
    and hands convulsions, had no breathed, the palpitation stopped, in the
    hospital, after heart and lung recovers technique, the palpitation and breathes
    restores, the stupor 3 days, insensible. After 3 days, he woke up.
    After brain CT, the electroencephalogram (EEG), after the heart color ultra
    does not have the unusual symptom. At present Doctor still have no any
    conclusion. Now he stay at home, everything is normal, but he forget many thing
    in the past, and now, he has no memory ability at all, if we tell him
    something, he forget instant.
    What we are worried is, why his heart stopped suddenly. The doctors say they
    are not sure if it will happen again. In the first 3 days, the doctors told me
    it’s called “ dead suddenly in Medical”, the doctor told me that it’s
    hopeless that my husband will wake up, even he could wake up, he will become
    plant human, but now everything is ok, it seem that my husband is ok now. But I
    am not sure.
    I do hope that you can give me the opinion. Thanks. I look forwards for your
    early response.
    Please contact me: fnyz@hotmail.com angela.yan@caramail.com
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