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Please, give your thought

  1. May 6, 2005 #1
    Please, give your thought about these matters. Thanks in advance.

    I am reading this link; http://keck.med.yale.edu/affymetrix/rtpcr/...serbulletin.pdf

    and i have these questions:

    1. How do i get c-mycN Rel. to Brain? Page 10. For example I don’t get 5.5 (5.5±0.35) of Kidney relative to brain when I divide 0.40 (0.40±0.025) of kidney with 0.07 (0.07±0.008) of brain.

    2. Why using dUTP instead of dTTP in pcr amplifying of a target gene? How can we get dTTP for that target gene when we exclude them totally? Page 27.

    3. "5 µL of 800 nM GAPDH Reverse Primer to 1,2A–F" page 31. When it says 1,2A–F does it mean that i add the samples the whole way from A to F with the columns 1 and 2 for these rows?

    Thanks for any ideas.
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