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Homework Help: Please help a blonde out in physics

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    An airplane has an aluminum antenna attached to its wing that extends 15 m from wingtip to wingtip. The plan is traveling north at 75m/s in a region where Earth's magnetic field has both a vertical component and a northward component. The net maginetic field is at an angle of 55 degrees from horizontal and has a magnitude of 6.0x10-5 T.

    a) Indicate the direction of the magnetic force on electrons in the antenna

    b) Determine the magnitue of the electric field generated in the antenna

    c) Determine the potential difference between the ends of the antenna

    d) Indicate which end of the antenna is at higher potential

    It is the first day we have started this and I am struggling can someone help please?
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    Do not double post!!!
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    Well we are ready...but the blonde must show some attempt...:p
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