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Please help a college kid - Tension in a rope

  1. Oct 6, 2013 #1
    Please help a college kid -- Tension in a rope

    (Sorry to re-post this, but the form disappeared from my posts so I cannot check it.)

    So I have one attempt left and want to make sure my answer is correct, so double checking me would be super awesome!

    You are given a pendulum composed of a 0.030 kg mass on the end of a 0.42 m long massless string. The pendulum is moved 25° from the vertical and released. Find the tension in the string when the mass is at the release point,
    θ = 25°.

    "The centripetal force is indeed zero in the extreme position. However this does not imply T=0.
    The net force along the radial direction should be zero. And this net force includes gravity's contribution as well."--nasu

    Fradial= -T + mgsin(65)
    T=.27 N

    Thank you so much for the guidance!
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    Simon Bridge

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