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I am not positive if I did this correctly, but I was wondering if someone could check and then, potentially, offer ideas.

The question asked to use bond energies and estimate the energy change deltaH (in kJ/mol) for

N=N + 2H2 --> H2N-NH2

(that first N=N is triple)

I think I just realized I did this wrong, because I didn't use a triple for the first one, but I'll write down what I did anyway, and maybe someone can help.

N=N = 418 kJ
H2 = 872.8 kJ
total = 1290.8 kJ

Then, I did
4 H2 bonds = 4x436.4 = -1745.6
2 N-H bonds = 2 x 393 = -786
total = -2531.6

Therefore, 1290.8 + (-2531.6) = -1240.8 kJ/mol

sheesh... Please?

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