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Homework Help: Please Help Engineering Statics problem

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    Please Help !!Engineering Statics problem

    i got a hard professor, been tryin to work out this problem for days. still stuck, please him. i dunno wat to do,

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    Is that force directly at point A? Is that a second force at the bottom?
    If I remember correctly, you usually have to find the spot where only components of tension and force in one direction can be calculated. Like, if that force is directly at point A then set up a static equilibrium calculation at point a, where member ab has no compression or tension directly due to the force. That way the member ad(you don't have this point marked) must be compressed.
    And 600lb = adsin(45), solve for ad making note of compression, then go back to point a and do a static equilibrium calculation for the horizontal components, now knowing ad, you can find ab.

    If that force is at some random point along that member, then I think you can find the vertical component at c because it looks to me that c is the only thing holding that balcony up. The same principles of static equilibrium will allow you to trace out the forces in each member.

    Hopefully all that I said helps and is correct.
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