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Homework Help: Please Help Explain

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    Please Help Explain....

    Can sombody please explain what all the unification theory has to explain to be right. As far as pass theorys (that have to be still be correct according to it), and what forces goes.
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    How is this homework ?

    And if it is, what effort have you made to answer the (vaguely formed) questions ?
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    My teacher assighend this for extra credit and told us to answer the following "By what theories, would a Unification Theory, have to be correct by and why if it is to be proven correct?"
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    tell your teacher goes to grammer school
    the question doesn't make any sense to me
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    He ment what theories pass and present theories have to be included in a unification theory(a theory to explain all things) and why it is important for them to be included in it
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    All theory should FIT IN the unification theory since it is a unification of ALL THEORY

    Do you have any idea what are you asking?
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    The best translation of whatzzupboy's question I can make out is:

    If a Grand Unified Theory were to be proven correct, then with what current physical theories would it have to be consistent, and why?

    I still agree with vincent's point that a G.U.T. would have to unify all realms of physics, and so the question is a bit strange.
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