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Please help : Homework problem almost there ? Equilibrium

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    Kc = .090

    a). Calculate the concn. of all species at equilibrium if 1.00g of water and 4.78g of ClO are mixed in a 1.0L flask.

    b). Calculate the concn. of all species at equilibrium if 1.0 mol of pure HOCl is placed in a 2.0L flask. Hint: consider what is now the reactant.

    H2O + Cl2O --> 2HOCl

    I| 18mol 88 mol 0
    C| -x -x +x
    E| 18-x 88-x x

    Kc= .090 = [HOCl]2 / [H2O].[Cl2O] = x2/(18-x)(88-x)

    Solve for x and find all species.Is this the correct way ? Am I confusing you... *hmmm*
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    You're getting there, but you could use a little hint --- the equilibrium constant is written for CONCENTRATIONS --- you've got the stoichiometry in the exponents correctly --- what are the "concentrations?"
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    You said that the reaction involved clo- and water which would be an acid base reaction.

    Check to see if you wrote down the correct equation.

    Acid base reaction would make more sense.
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