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Homework Help: Please Help, I am so confused!

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    A mission critical manuver requiring precise orbit information is planned for 30 days from today. Unmodeled satellite drag effects may cause substantial problems producing large X-ray flares. It must be determined if the region's potential flares will affect the atmospheric densities or not, i.e., will the active region be seen at the Earth or not. The current location of the region is at +25 deg latitude and 15 deg offset toward the West (receding) limb from the solar central meridian.
    Ignoring the Earth's motion around the Sun, calculate the relative longitudinal position of the active region with respect to the central solar meridian. Is the region on or off the solar disk in 30 days, i.e., if flares go off, will they be "visible" by the Earth's atmosphere?

    2. None given. I found an equation that is identified as the "Differential Rotation Law", given by omega(theta) = A + Bsin^2(theta) + Csin^4(theta). The wording of the constants is confusing. A = 2.897, B = −0.339, and C = −0.485
    μrads^-1 for magnetic features. I don't know if that is saying A, B and C are all in μrads^-1 or if just C is. I don't even know if this is the right equation.

    3. I can't do the first part! I don't can't visualize it geometrically. What does it mean for it to be 15 deg offset? Isn't that just longitude? What is meant by RELATIVE longitude? ARGH! I need help fast. Please!
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    I am guessing offset is the difference between the solar central meridian and the object; and "relative longitudinal position" is the same as offset.
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