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Please Help i am stumped

  1. May 25, 2004 #1
    Ok i have to find how these Numbers are related.
    I need to find the Formula on how this number is being processed

    ok the number 000807352658800 and it equals this 01687518

    so what i need to find is how this number 000807352658800 with a formula equals this 01687518
    So i need the formula that that 000807352658800= 01687518


    here is another problem it will be the same formula so the formula sould work on both 000801523132800 = 22954977
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    Perhaps some background to the problem. What are you studying? You've given us two pairs of numbers. There are probably an endless number of ways to find a relation that contains both pairs. Maybe also tell us why you need to know, i.e. is it an actual homework question, or maybe you're trying to decode barcodes or something (which might not have a simple mathematical answer). Why are there zeroes in the front of some of those numbers?

    I might take a wild guess and guess that you are trying to find a relationship between bar codes and SKU's of some merchandise. There is no mathematical relationship here... Anyways, you'll probably have to give us more if you want help.
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    ok no problem. No this is not a school problem this is a Tech issue. See i work in a cell phone tech department and when a phone gets locked there is a unlock code( which is that 8 digit number ) and we use the 15 digit number to get that code and we are trying to find out how it formulates the code.
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    There is an infinite number of ways to generate one sequence of number from another sequence.
    If you have the requisite clearance, I am sure the phone constructor will provide you with the right formula.
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    Yeah i know but is there a chance someone can find a formula that will work on both of these numbers
    000807352658800= 01687518
    000807352655800= 59485908
    I just changed one number. Please just try if you could find a formula that would work on both numbers. I know there are many ways if someone could just find one.
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    Are you sure there is a formula at all? If so, here is one of an infinite number of possibilities:

    Treat the pairs of numbers as pairs of real numbers equivalent to a point on a line.

    y = mx + b
    01687518 = m(000807352658800) + b
    b = 1687518 - 807352658800m

    y = mx + b
    59485908 = m(000807352655800) + b
    b = 59485908 - 807352655800m

    1687518 - 807352658800m = 59485908 - 807352655800m
    -57798390 = 3000m
    m = 19266.13
    b = -15554561163002146


    (8-digit-number) = 19266.13*(15-digit-number) - 15554561163002146

    This, to me, seems absolutely ridiculous, but you asked for one, so there it is. If you notice:

    000807352658800= 01687518
    000807352655800= 59485908

    The two numbers on the left are nearly identical, but the numbers on the right are very different. I am very confident that there is no mathematical relationship between the two.
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