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Please help: I do not want to know what is going to happen

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    On July 4, 2005 I was visiting my aunt and uncle and seen one of my aunt's friends . When I seen him DEAD MAN flashed into my thoughts along with he'll be dead in 24 hours. the next day he died from a heart problem, something burst. He was in his 40's and did not have health problems. When I found out, it made me sick. On September 25, 2005, I was visiting with my mom and her cat was being lovable and wanted me to pet her. I was petting her and she'll be dead in 30 days popped into my mind and it is some kind of a sign of things to happen . After that I was praying that I wrong and I was hoping I was wrong and was hoping that nothing happened to Susie the cat. On October 25, 2005, her cat was found dead. The vet did not let us know yet what caused the cat's death. It is making me sick. Is there anything I could of done to prevent this? I do not want to see things or sense things like this. I am hoping maybe this is some kind od strange coincidence. Please help, I do not want to sense the death of someone and be unable to do anything about it. Please let me know why these thoughts are popping into my mind and how to get them to stop.
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    If you are to be honest with yourself, you have had times where a thought of someone dying just popped into your head, but it didn't happen after all. Right?
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    I hope you are right, but this is different
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    I think it is possible that you are saying to yourself "wait, yesterday I felt weird, maybe I saw something"
    and then after a long time of thinking, you start believing in something elaborate which never actually happened. So, if it ever happens again, document it, write it down somewhere, just so you don't make something up on accident.

    Not many people realize how much of your memory is false. Doesn't anyone find it weird that when you think back, a lot of times you see yourself in third person when you were obviously living life in first person.....
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    yea moose, i know what u mean another thing i find weird is when u suffer from an accident of some sort and get injured for me its snowboarding before i smack the ground i feel like i wam watching myself on a movie or sumthing. deja vu is also crazy i get that so often its creepy.
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