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Please help if you can [Germany]

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    I have a bachelor in physics.i want to continue learning in Germany.What options or majors can i do in masters?and what are the best master physics majors out there in deutschland?

    what are the names of the universities in germany that have good reputation and offcourse good and wide physics majors for bachelor students? i need to do a major that is wanted in the job market worldwide...

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    Other than physics, you can also try materials science, microsystems engineering and so.

    For a listing of master courses offered in English see:

    http://www.daad.de/deutschland/studienangebote/international-programmes/07535.en.html [Broken]

    Generally, the level of the education throughout the major public universities is comparable. The ones that top the list of German rankings are the two universities in Munich.
    Of the other good universities are FU Berlin, HU Berlin, Bonn, Stuttgart and ...............

    Regarding doing a major that is on demand worldwide, this is an ill asked question and has no proper answer and it is not possible to generalize.
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    thanks for the help buddy....i searched alot in every site for physics majors all i saw was names like quantum, theoretical, solid state, experimental physics...these are courses that i need to take in the physics major....
    if i do such majors, what is my job gonna be in the future?teaching?
    are there practical majors than i can do with a physics bachelor degree? that have handwork job in the future like construction or mechanical engeneering or any of these stuff? i dont want to end up as a teacher

    that's my question plz help if u can.... Danke :)
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    This depends on many factors

    Physics graduates fill many engineering positions. This depends on the type of master programme and its contents as well as your own skills.

    You better select a master programme that allows you to have courses from other departments, something on the line of engineering or applied physics.
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    i'm going to apply for a chance in tubingen, stuttgart, berlin and maybe dortmund....
    the majors are environmental geosciences(tubingen), neuro processing(tubingen), solid state physics(stuttgart)...still didn't search in berlin and dortmund...

    which do u think is better for the future and is a better major than the other? what about the reputations of these cities in physics? thanx buddy
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