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Homework Help: Please Help Inductor Circuit

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    Please Help!!! Inductor Circuit

    An AM radio antenna has the shape of a coil with inductance 0.90 mH. A radio wave with frequency 1.2 MHZ induces a current of amplitude 5.2 nA in the coil. What is the amplitude of the induced voltage across the coil?

    I really need your help. It's going to be on the test for tomorrow. Thanks in advance.

    This is what I did, I'm not sure of it.

    First, we get "w" from the frequency from equation w=2*Pi*f.

    Next we find the reactance of the inductor as it matches the resistor.

    XL=wL which eqauls the resistor R.

    Then the induced voltage is simply V=IR. We already have the current and we calculated R.

    Am I right? Please Help me out.
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    YOU ARE RIGHT.........

    :rolleyes: GOOD JOB
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    Thanks. All I have to watch out for is converting the units.
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