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Please help me answer this question.

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    Here's a physics question I was pondering. Let's say there was a railing at the edge of a cliff. If you were walking at the railing, what speed would you have to have to hit the rail to tumble over it.
    Assume the person is of average height and wieght, 170 cm and 80 Kg.
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    that all depends,are they drunk?
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    Assume that they are not ****ed up at the time.
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    How high is the railing? What is the coefficient of friction for their feet on the ground? Does the person bend when they hit the railing or stay rigid? So many relevent questions, so little time....
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    you are going to need a little more info than you have given. like how high is the railing.... what kind of collision....
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    Assume the railing is about 90 cm high. Also assume an elastic collision.
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    ok now what is your question? you need to give position, velocity, acceleration, friction.... can you give us a specific question or is this a general one.
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    They are moving at a constant velocity, and that velocity is what is being determined.
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    holla back Ya'll!
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    ok so the person is a rigid body. ant this person is walking at a velocity of V. thier hight is 170 cm and weight is 80kg. the railing is 90 cm high. first thing you do is draw a fbd then determine the forces at the points in which are in contact. you know how to do that?
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