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Please help me : Any good links or text recommendations?

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    I'm taking grade 12 physics atm and having a bit of a problem. The textbook we are using is also very old... published during 1980 so its very hard for me to try and learn by myself. My teacher is not helping much because in class many students end up helping the teacher solve the problems... He is actually a math teacher trying to fill in as a Physics teacher. Please could you post any links on the net for beginners Physic Topics or any good text that I should check out at the library or buy. Appreciate the help a lot. thnx :)
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    Unfortunately, I can't help you beyond recomending Wolfram's scienceworld which is pretty comphrehensive:


    Personally, for reference, I keep my old A-level (which should cover pretty much all grade 12 physics) physics study guides (by Letts), but unless your in the UK you won't be able to get hold of these (though perhaps you could get them from Amazon or Ebay secondhand quite cheaply).
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