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Homework Help: Please help me, anyone! Conceptual physics

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    Hi there, I've just joined the university for the 2nd week now. My lecturer has gave this homework which i have no idea to solve at all... It is not calculation but conceptual problems. Can anyone please guide me or help me with it? I'll truly appreciate and thanking you so much! Please help T_T

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    Pick a question, just one question please, and write it as a post we can read. Attaching documents is not going to work. You've got a forum where you can write stuff, and that is what we will read. I did look at your sheet, and it is just a list of lots of questions. Pick ONE, and ask about it. Show that you have at least made an attempt at thinking about it for yourself. That's the minimum required for us to help you further.

    If you get some useful input, then you might pick another one. (Please don't just start 14 new threads!)

    Cheers -- sylas
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