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Please help me build a list of references

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    We have an LQG group in NUS (National University of Singapore).

    Here's our website:

    Please contribute any material suitable for fresh graduates!
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    thanks for posting the link to your website Kakarukeys.
    I will steal ideas from you!:smile:
    You already have listed some references that I (and maybe other PF people) did not know.

    Also I like your idea of sorting the resources by difficulty---you separate out the ones that you say are "READABLE" from the ones that are "hard".

    I know that your website is still at beginning stages (with just a few references) but it could already be a model for us and give us ideas, if we wanted to do something like that.
    It seems this website belongs to Professor J.F. Wong. first name Jiang. I assume that Kakarukeys is one of Wong's group of students.


    In the part of your webpage where you ask for links you say something that I don't understand
    Who is "Daniel" and what are "Daniel's notes"?
    this could mean Daniele Oriti. (He has some lecture slides available online.) But it could also mean some other Daniel. I can't think which one.

    By the way, speaking of Daniels there is a webpage of LQG/Spinfoam references at the website of Daniel Christensen, at UWO (University of Western Ontario). He has a small group of students and post-docs doing LQG/Spinfoam research. His situation is similar to yours, so if you write email to him and give your website, he might help you by suggesting reference material to add to the site.

    Here is Dan Christensen's page:
    This says who is in his LQG group and gives other links
    he has a too-long reading list there as well.
    well, I will not judge it "too" long but just say it is a LENGTHY reading list
    It is more cheerful to see short lists when one is beginning a study.
    Here is his email address

    ( j.d.c. stands for J. Daniel Christensen)

    I hope you write him and tell him about your new research group. If he replies he will be able to give you good suggestions since he also has a research group.

    Probably you already know the blog of Yi Dun Wan. Yidun Wan is a graduate student at Perimeter Institute and the U. of Waterloo. In case anyone does not have the address here it is.
    Yidun's blog is called "the road to unification"
    http://www.wanyidun.com/blog_r2u/?p=50 [Broken]
    this is a new blog. If it becomes successful it should be a place to see news of LQG groups like yours at various universities around the world.

    there should be a directory of websites of the existing LQG research groups. But I do not know of such a directory.

    rovelli's group at Marseille has this page

    I can't think of very many other groups that have webpages. I would like it if more did that.

    I too will try to help. Maybe I can think of some links for you in the next couple of days.

    I hope other people at PF will help too.
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    OMG. No I am not a professor. "Wong Jiang Fung" is my name. I'm a student here.

    Daniel..... Unfortunately I did not get his full name. He's from Perimeter Institute (he left recently). He wrote a paper about quantum entanglement and LQG. He gave a talk in our univeristy in Singapore a few months ago. One of our group members has his notes but we haven't gotten his permission yet to put the notes on the website.

    Looks like all Daniels are wise, the original Daniel wrote "Book of Daniel". Thanks for the links, I will spend some time to go through them.
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    You are probably talking about Daniel Terno.
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    It could be this review paper
    Strings, loops and others: a critical survey of the present approaches to quantum gravity

    this is a good paper because it describes a lot of different approaches to QG without too much favoring one over another
    it organizes the different QG approaches into a kind of "family tree" that shows the common features like kinship relations of a big family---this gives historical perspective

    but it does not say very much detail about any one approach, and what it does say might be sometimes a little out of date (1998)
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    Did you make a search for themes in the TWF? That is an excellent idea that needed doing! I will try it.

    Excuse me for confusing you with a teacher. I thought it was the teacher's website and that you were merely the helper---assisting to set up the research group. Sorry. So you are Jiang, and it is your site.

    I liked your joke about Daniels being wise. It is a proverbial case of wisdom. I remember an intense moment in a Shakespeare play where someone says "A Daniel come to judgement!" expecting a favorable opinion from the judge, and is then disappointed.
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    Website is Updated!
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