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Please help me choose a grad school

  1. Apr 28, 2010 #1
    I'm considering graduate school in the event that I don't get a full time job, and I'm considering two graduate schools here in Oregon where I'm from.

    I am going for a masters in electrical engineering, either an M.Eng or M.S depending on funding options workload and available classes etc.

    Oregon State University
    This is where I got my undergrad, 2 B.S. degrees one in computer engineering and one in electrical engineering. The place is very research focused, they have some interesting classes. This place is ranked usually around 60-80 in the nation and is known nation-wide. It is also more expensive and I'd have to pay for at least the first year myself before getting funding. This school works closely with Intel, NVidia, HP, and a others.

    Portland State University
    This is a more inner city school, ranked typically 120-80 in the nation depending on the poll. They do have a good electrical program just like OSU, but are more practically focused, the classes sound very interesting and in line with what I want to do. The place offers RA/TA jobs on a per term basis so getting into one sooner is a possibility, it would be cheaper to go here. This school works closely with Intel, Tektronix, and a few others. They are not as well known nationwide but well known in Oregon. Often it is called Portland's best kept secret.

    I like that PSU offers more interesting classes than OSU and would be more affordable, but its lower rank and less known presence concerns me as far as getting a job with a degree from there. I feel confident that I can get a 3.5/4.0+ from either program. I also like the more practical focus of PSU and the people there have been more helpful during the admissions process. What do you guys think I should do? I am accepted to OSU and probably will be to PSU shortly.
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