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Please help me decide between colleges

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    I've been accepted to UMICH, Rutgers, Penn State, Villanova, and Drexel engineering. I've narrowed down my college choices down to the ones I can afford, Villanova and Rutgers. I'm visiting both next week. Both will also cost the same. I plan on majoring in mechanical/aerospace engineering.

    Villanova is much smaller and is ranked #10 in engineering (where doctorate is not offered.)
    But at the same time I'd imagine Rutgers would have better research opportunities since it is a much larger school.

    I also would like to perhaps get a masters degree after. Both offer a 5 year bs/ms program. However, if I wanted to pursue a masters at a different school it might be difficult getting in from Rutgers because I heard its harder to get A's there.

    Overall which would you say has a better engineering program? Are there any other positives/negatives about attending either? Would you recommend one over the other?
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    Visit both and then decide. For all you know, you may not like the weather at Rutgers and choose Villanova. I forgot which hedge fund manager chose UChicago over Standford because of the weather. True story bro.
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    Villanova is an hour and a half west of Rutgers. Weather should not be that much different...
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    Haha. I guess my main point wasn't clear. Visit both schools and decide from the visits where you feel you fit in better. We are talking about a place you will possibly spend the next 5 years of your life. Don't just close your eyes and hope someone chooses the good one for you.
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    I tend to agree. It sounds like the schools are both capable of offering what the OP is looking for, at about the same price.

    There are certain "cultural" things about a place that can really make a big difference in your overall well-being. Things like how friendly people are, or how easily the faculty mix in with the students. I don't want to sound like I'm being too touch-feely, but those intangibles really can make a big difference. A happy student is more likely to be a successful student.
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