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Please help me fight ignorance

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    Please help me fight ignorance!!!

    I need someone help me develop a witty response to the following status I found on Facebook.

    ---"i wonder why wind we cannot see. or imagining we cant see wind. we sense that something is there and seeming to be moving. but what? made up labels of made up particles could not explain the invisibility to the naked eye " oh uh our eyes cant see something that SMALL.." but yet its touching us and is basically laying on top of our eyes? if there is thousands of particles moving causing wind, then we would be able to see something like one BIG particle correct? science has been correcting itself for years now making it seem like they were always wrong. are they wrong now? or are they still correcting them selves? people thought hundreds of years ago the christian movement would come to an end a hundred years from their time. but in this time, the movement carries on and will still continue until the end of the world. For Jesus is the same yesterday,today and forever"---
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    Re: Please help me fight ignorance!!!

    I wouldn't know where to begin. What is this person trying to say?

    In other words.

    "What is this I don't even."
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    Re: Please help me fight ignorance!!!

    That's part of the battle. What is he even talking about!
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    Re: Please help me fight ignorance!!!

    Basically I need someone to explain how we know wind is a collection of matter just like any other object in our universe. Also explain the evidence we have to prove all of this.
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