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Homework Help: Please Help Me figure out my homework!

  1. Sep 30, 2013 #1
    1. I have to calculate the weight of an astronaut, whose mass is 72 Kg on the surface of different planets, but in the table telling me the Acceleration due to gravity (or Gravitational Field Strength) it there is also a column about whether the planet has an atmosphere. Is that relevant?

    2. Relevant equations - Weight (N) = Mass (Kg) X Acceleration (M/s2)

    3. I need to know if the atmosphere thing is relevant? I am ignoring it so far!

    Thank You so Much!
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    I am sorry i meant the equation was W = M x G.F.S (N/kg) thank you!
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    Hi Minou14, Welcome to Physics Forums.

    Whether or not the planet has an atmosphere should not be relevant for your calculations.

    Exceptions would be where the planet's atmosphere is so dense that it provides significant buoyancy for the astronaut. Maybe at the bottom of the atmosphere of a gas giant you'd want to add that contribution to the weight experienced.

    If in doubt, post your list of planets.

    P.S. You might want to choose a more descriptive title for your next thread; "Please Help Me figure out my homework!" doesn't supply any information about the content or subject matter. It pays to advertise :smile:
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    Thank you so much! That is really help full and yes sorry about the title - I was in a rush! :)
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