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Homework Help: Please help me i am new here and need/want to learn this .

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    please help me i am new here and need/want to learn this.....

    ok i am curently in WAS(wa arowspace scolars) im a bad speller but i could care less also im new here. I know what the formula for delta v is but i do not understand it. I am interested in learning but please put it into layman's terms. also hear is the Question.

    De-orbit maneuvers are usually done to lower the perigee of the orbit to 60 miles (or less). The Orbiter is captured and re-enters as it passes into the atmosphere at this altitude.

    There is a change of 1 mile for every 2 feet per second (fps) change in velocity when you are below a 500-mile altitude above the Earth.

    Determine the change in velocity (delta-V) that the Shuttle will need to make if it is at an altitude of 220 miles above the Earth at apogee and 210 miles above the Earth at perigee, and needs to drop the perigee to an altitude of 60 miles.
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