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Homework Help: Please help me I need help

  1. Jan 20, 2010 #1
    Can you please set up the equations for me to help me solve these questions.:
    1) How many collisions per second occur on a container wall with an area of
    1.00 cm^2 for a collection of Ar particles at 1.10 atm and 290.1 K?
    I think I should use this equation to answer this question:
    ZW = NAp/(2πMRT )^1/2

    2) Determine the wavelength of the most intense electromagnetic radiation
    emitted from a furnace at 2500.1 °C.

    Also, if you can explanes what do you mean by each variable that would be great.
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    We don't just do homework for you sorry.
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    I just want the equations which I can use to solve the problems. I do not want the final answer
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