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Please help me in finding this relative molecular weight

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    Hi Guys!!

    my question goes like this

    a 5% solution of urea is isotonics with 0.877% of Solute A. Calculate the relative molecular weight of solute A.

    now my dear friend, i know its a very simple question but unfortunately, just cant getting any interpretation. I know isotonics sol means having same no. of moles. and i know that Grahams's law of diffusion as well. Please help me so that i can understand this question.
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    The question has basicly two component. First you have to find the molarity of the urea solution solution. All the information that you require are in the first 5 words of the question.

    The second part requires you to estimate the molecular weight of the solute A using the molarity of the urea solution and that the solutions are isotonic. So you know the molarity of the solute solution and you know the amount of solute A in the solution. You have to calculate your way up to the molecular weight.
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