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Homework Help: PLease help me in solving this Truss

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    fig 6-12)
    Members AB and BC can support a max compressive force of 800 lb. and members AD,DC and BD can support a max tensile force of 1500 lb. If a=10 ft determine the greatest load "P" the truss can support.

    My dear friends!!

    the above truss question has become a headache for me. I know how to solve truses but if you see in this question, the load P you have to determine, now this is i just cant able to do. Please help me, give me some hints so that i can solve this question. PLeasee

    I shall be thankful to you for this act of kindness

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    Hi Shaiq,

    Can you please post what you've tried so far?
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    Remember in a truss we assume there are only axial forces throught the members, because of the 3 truss hypotheses. They are giving you the value of each of the forces acting on the members, so you can use the node method on the place where the P load is applied and simply solve for P, remember it's in static equilibrium.
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    Why dont you calculate using half of the truss you know you know AD and CD will have the same values (know that you will have to check for equilibrium when you are done to be sure you did not put all the load only in one of those two members) and then do it like Cyclovenom said
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