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Please help me on this survey!

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    Perceptions of One’s Own and Partner’s Cross-Sex Friendships

    My name is Marie-Claire and I am a fourth year psychology student at Swinburne University in Melbourne. This year I am doing my thesis on opposite-sex friendships in long-term relationships, (in other words a husband’s female friends and a wife’s male friends) and the effects these friendships have on the relationship or vice-versa. My study could involve people who are married or people who are in a de-facto relationship. You do not need to have a friend of the opposite-sex, all I ask is that you are 50 years and under and that your current relationship has been going for at least one year.
    The idea of cross-gender friends in relationships seems to be a very popular subject for discussion – everyone I talk to seems to have an opinion on this! Now to help to with my thesis I need to collect and analyse as many opinions from individuals in serious relationships as I can.
    If you or your partner can spare me 15 to 30 minutes of your time to answer some questions in an online survey relating to your relationship and your opposite-sex friends, I would really appreciate it. All survey answers are anonymous and so your privacy is assured – no one will be able to trace your answers back to you. If you are interested and feel you can help me, please go to


    We appreciate your taking the time to complete our online survey. The study is very important to us as this may help in counselling couples or families with problems. Again thank you very much in advance for your help.
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    For anybody thinking about taking this survey: I took the trouble to verify the statements above with Swinburne University. They confirmed the information given in the above post. I myself will take the survey shortly.
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    I did it, it was a easy one.
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    Wish I could participate, but (a) I'm over 50, and (b), I'm not in a relationship. :biggrin:
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