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Please help me out Friends

  1. Oct 29, 2013 #1
    Currently,I am studying the topic Isomerism in Organic chemistry and Guess what?.I suck at it. My Imagination power is kinda weak so I am having a really hard time in understanding Steriochemistry.Believe me I really try my best but still unable to fully understand it.
    My teacher doesn't use any molecular models while explaining the topics.I don't even know how other students understand it while I just sit there wondering what is going on.
    This topic holds quite a weightage in the entrance exams for which I am preparing right now.
    Sometimes ,I get so frustated with myself that I stat pulling my hair and punching myself in the face.

    There is a cut throat competiton in our study centre.Almost all of my classmates are selfish who won't help me.I am too shy to approach my teacher.He will perhaps laugh on my stupidness.
    I don't know what to do.Please help me
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    Hey man you posted in wrong forum ssection.
    There are many video on youtube.You can watch it.
    Also never feel shy to talk to teachers.
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    Well you've defined a multi-faceted problem:
    - desire to visualize te material
    - weak imagination
    - lack of teacher visualization aids
    - pressure to do well to succeed at entrance exam
    - frustration with yourself and with other students
    - super competitive environment
    - fear of looking stupid to the teacher and fellow students

    I'd attack it first by realizing you need to learn the topic for the sake of learning. Forget the pressures of an entrance exam, fellow students or the teachers ability to teach.

    Having said that its best that you talk to your teacher immediately and impress on him/her your passion of trying to learn this topic. Ask what you could do to overcome your weaknesses and learn the topic?

    A teachers mission is to help students who want to succeed actually succeed. Don't vent your frustrations on the teacher ask the teacher for help on each piece you're having trouble with. Ask the teacher for books/tutorials that can help you? and then dive in and read or listen to the stuff the teacher suggested.

    Now remember your reticence has held you back so far and that it may be too late to recover from it but that shouldn't stop you from making a real effort to learn the material. You might even be able to help your fellow students understand things better too and in the collaboration raise each others grades.

    Right thinking here is a positive attitude in the face of adversity.
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    Thank you writing out such a thoughtful post.By watching the youtube videos,I have understood conformational isomerism by myself.But the main problem is configurational isomerism.Especially the questions which ask which molecule has which axis of rotation(C-1 or C-2 or C-3..)?.How many planes are passing through this molecule?It really makes my mind go blank.I just need a model kit but its too expensive in my area.My Chemistry teacher doesn't have it.Probably I will ask for help but the hope of outcomes are less?
  6. Oct 29, 2013 #5


    Staff: Mentor

    Perhaps you could use pipecleaners to simulate the models. They come in a variety of colors. Other possible ideas would be to use paper models like what Linus Pauling used when he made his Nobel Prize winning discovery (search google linus pauling paper model)
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    Pipecleaners, or maybe just wires? Models don't have to be store-bought.
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