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Homework Help: Please help me solve this electrical question

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    Doc Al

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    1) The link doesn't work.
    2) Do not post the same question in multiple forums.
    3) Read the sticky at the top of the forum. (The one that says "Read This Before Posting".)
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    Please help

    Please help me solve this question

    the attachment is there

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    I felt bad for you, so I uploaded it
    http://1337moose.com/physics/physics.jpg [Broken]
    Isnt there an upload attatchment button on here anyway?
    EDIT: your one step ahead of me
    and click the submit button only once O.O
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    Please help me solve the question

    http://1337moose.com/physics/physics.jpg [Broken]
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    There are three different loops, so you can set up three simultaneous linear equations with the Kirchoff's rules. The total potential difference as you traverse a loop is zero.
    So show us where you are stuck!
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    The truth is i don't know how to set up the equation, I'm simply weak in electric. Sorry
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