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Homework Help: Please help me to figure this question pls

  1. Aug 2, 2017 #1
    I'm taking a trip aboard the Shanghai Transrapid Train. The train maintains its maximum commercial speed of 430km/h along a straight.
    I position myself at the centre of my carriage and jump straight up at 2ms-1.

    How many horizontal meters am I displaced along the aisle before landing?

    Displacement towards the front of the train is negative and towards the back of the train is positive
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    You need to fill up the three part template and show your working.
    It is mandatory while posting here in the homework help forum.
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    You too travelling as fast as the train, horizontally.
    Is there any force acting on you horizontally?
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    No , pls can you help me out with this question
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    If there is no horizontal force acting on you then where do you land?
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    Lani, you need to start over and fill out the homework template and show what you have attempted to solve the problem yourself so that we know where you are getting stuck. :smile:
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