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Please help me to solve this

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    i just found this and try to solve.. but then since i left all of these for many years, so i cant remember some of the ways..

    i will keep thinking of this because i'm not able to solve it.. and this make me suffer..

    ∫ x / (1 + ex) dx

    please help me to solve this.. :)
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    You can't solve this. This integral cannot be solved in terms of elementary functions. Specifically, you need the polylogarithm to solve this.
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    ohh... i see... thank you micromass...
    but if you want to.. can you show how to solve this by using the polylogarithm? :)
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    Do you have any background in complex analysis?
  6. Dec 28, 2011 #5
    yess.. but not so deep.. just a basic of complex analysis..
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    this problem cannot be solved normally. you can use integration by parts

    integration by parts is this: ∫ u dv = u.v - ∫ v du
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    What do you mean by that? "Integration by parts" is a normal integration method. And won't work here. As micromass said, that cannot be integrated in terms of elementary functions.
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    If you know the polylogarithm functions, then the formal result is :

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