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Please Help me Urgently

  1. Jul 9, 2007 #1
    Dear Friends,

    My name is Owais Khan and I am doing an interesting research so, I need your help and cooperation please tell me following information urgently via Email.
    1. What was the exact temperature of universe when Big Bang occurred?
    2. How many Black Holes astronomist yet have discovered? Please tell me numbers.
    3. In which direction/dimensions our universe in expanding? Is the universe is expanding in one direction/dimension or expanding in all direction/dimension?
    4. What is the current temperature of universe?
    5. Is the temperature of universe falling day by day or is it constant?
    6. At which temperature proton and neutron combine to form nucleus?
    7. At which temperature hydrogen and hydrogen atoms combine to form hydrogen molecule?
    8. At which temperature deuterium combines to form Helium atom?
    9. Why earth rotates in its own orbit?

    Looking forward for your urgent responses.

    Email: owaiskhan.scientist@yahoo.com
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    Thread moved from cosmology to Homework Help, Advanced Physics.

    y2jcapricorn, homework and coursework questions belong here in the Homework Help forums, and not in the general technical forums. And one important PF rule is that you must show us some of your own work in order for us to help you.

    What course is this for? What text and other learning materials are you using in that course. What on-line searches have you done in trying to answer these questions?
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