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Homework Help: Please help me w/ my Math project

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    Please help me w/ my Math project!!!

    OK. Since no one was answering my last question, I have a new one. Its about my math project.
    I have to find the slope of several staircases.
    I decided to start with my own.
    I feel really stupid saying this, but I have no idea how to go about finding the slope of my staircase. I can do it easily on paper, with graphs and stuff, but somehow I just can't figure this out. I feel really dumb asking a question like this on a board like this....but I'm desperate.
    So far, i have measured the total run as 124" and total rise as 96". Then, I did the equation to find slope and I got 96/124 which I reduced to 24/31. Is this the slope? It didn't seem right at all to me, considering each step is only 7 inches high. I don't know if I'm completely off or did anything right....please help me! Walk me thru it!!!!
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    IMO you won't get the same answer measuring the whole staircase and one step. Due to the fact that hte staircase is actually made in pieces.

    measure the w & h of each step and sum the w's and sum the h's if you don't get the same answer as the measurement whole then do an "error" analysis and explain why you think this discrepancy resulted....this will show the teacher that you analysed the problem.
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    what does IMO mean? Just wondering
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    OK thank you it worked.
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