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Please help me with dsl problem

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    Please help me with dsl problem!!!

    Okay here is my problem. I used to have 1.5mbps, then I upgraded to 6mbps. Last night I upgraded to 12mbps. Thing is I never noticed a difference. So today I figured I would run a speed test. In the end it turns out it only tests at the 1.5. I called my internet company and asked them what was wrong and they didn't know and wanted to charge me $100 an hour for people to come to my house. They said they were showing I was getting the 12mbps but couldn't tell me why it wasn't showing up. I did some research on my own. My phone has a dsl/phone splitter on it. I have the up to date modem and an up to date router. Everything is connected correctly and everything is pretty much new. My internet works fine (at 1.5) and phone works fine. So I started a test and was in the process of dialing a phone number when I noticed, my speed went up to 12 mbps. So I tried a few things. It seems as if when the phone first is turned on, and the dial tone is sounding, the internet boosts up to 12. That is the only time. I tried connecting just my DSL to the wall jack, only 1.5. I tried keeping it regular and making a call but as soon as you start dialing numbers and connecting a call, back to 1.5. So can someone here please tell me why it goes up to 12 when the dial tone is on but no other time under any other circumstance.

    Note: Router is 2.4 GHz and phone is 5.8 GHz, so thats not the problem.
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    Re: Please help me with dsl problem!!!

    Really weird. Perhaps if you use a cell to call the ISP the test will fail from the ISP's end and they will have to fix it for you. If you are getting a connection then I can't really think of anything to help. It sounds as if the ISP has something a little shady going on. I'll try to find some software that might be able to document the internet speed over a period of time so you can have some proof that the ISP is failing to meet their contract.
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    Re: Please help me with dsl problem!!!

    You documented this quite well. I'd copy and paste it into a polite letter to them, asking them to come out and fix you problem for free since the problem is obviously their system and not your computer "according to the aforementioned observations."

    As for which service to use to test your speed, I always use Speedtest.net, as it has consistantly produced the most accurate results for me. I'm on a Comcast cable modem and get 7+ Mbps download, and about half that for upload.
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