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Please help me with my homework

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    I would be so thankful for anyone who could help me with any of the following questions (this is for a class entitled Physics and Philosophy):

    1) Show explicitly (by means of the collapse postulate for 2-particle systems) that if the state of a certain pair of particles is separable, then a measurement on either one of them can have no effect whatsoever on the physical reality of the other.

    2) Explain how the linearity of the dynamical equations of motion lead to the measurement problem. What assumptions go into your argument?

    (these questions are in reference to David Albert's book: Quantum Mechanics and Experience
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    1) You probably should post these in the "homework" section.

    2) No one will do your homework for you. Show us what you understand of the problem, what you have done so far, and, as precisely as possible, where you run into trouble. That will help people understand what kind of hints will help you the most. The more work YOU do, the better.
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