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Homework Help: Please help me with my precal homework

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    okay here's the equation:
    In a certain molecular structure, the total energy E between two ions is given by

    E= (-5.6/r) + 10e^(-r/3)
    where r is the distance seperating the nuclei.

    now i already sketched the graph but i don't know how to find the domain of E, or find values of r that make sense in the problem situation, or find the realative maximum or minimum values or the total potential energy on the interval (0, ∞) . the y in that interval is supposed to be infinite in case you can't tell what it is.

    i tried to just look on the table but y never equals zero on there so im lost. then i tried to just stick in zero for y on the equation. i got stuck .
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    you gave the equation, but whats the question that goes with it?
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    Do you know what "domain" means. And, as kreil asked, what was the question?
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