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Please help me with this ( mass balance)

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    Hello everybody..

    I have aquestion and hope to get help..please bear with me and try to finish reading my question..

    Thank u very much for your time.

    My question is

    I have a pilot plant filter.. and i need to add some chemicals to the raw water before entering the filter..say for instance the water flow rate is around 20L/h

    the concentration of the chmical solution is %10.. and i need to add (dose) 5mg/L...which means 5mg of the chemials to 1L of water (flows in pipe before the filter )..
    My question is how much (liter or milliters ) of the solution (chemicals) should i dose it to the water to give me the 5mg/l ?
    I need to solve this problem in order to get the specification of the right dosing pump that i need to buy..
    So please try to help me out with this.
    Thank u very much
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    I'm not an expert, but I'm having trouble understanding what you mean by a %10 solution. Wouldn't you have to express that concentration in terms of mg/L? Or could you express the mg/L that a 100% solution would have?
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