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Please help me with this MCU program? (written in C)

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    Very simple MCU program,the purpose would be sending strings to the computer, but no footnotes, so I have to guess the intention:

    void SendStr(unsigned char *s)

    /*Question No.1: How does SendByte interact with SendStr?
    Here is the SendByte func:*/

    void SendByte(unsigned char dat)
    SBUF = dat; /* Question No.2: No idea what this does*/
    while(!TI); /* Question No.3: No idea what this does*/
    TI = 0; /* Question No.4: No idea what this does*/

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!
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    I am no MCU programmer, but googling seems to have the answer to your questions

    1) How does SendByte interact with SendStr
    - SendByte is called by SendStr. There is no other interaction
    2) SBUF = dat.
    This write the char to the serial port

    3) while(!TI)
    TI = 0;

    The microcontroller signals that the byte has been written by setting TI to 1.
    So essentially the while loop is a wait for the microcontroller to finish writing the byte.
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    The code just above is subtly different from the code in the original post. In the code at the top there is a semicolon after while(!TI). In the code just above, there's no semicolon. This difference causes different behavior.
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    Code (Text):

        SBUF = dat;   /* output data to SBUF (serial buffer) */
        while(!TI);   /* wait for TI (transmit interrupt) */
        TI = 0;       /* reset TI (transmit interrupt) */
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    The original code is correct.

    while(!T) ;

    will wait till T is set.

    The next line
    T = 0;

    resets T.
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    Hey thanks a lot for your help! A great deal of headache has been saved thanks to you. I haven't thought about interrupt when looking at the code, now some lines really starting to make sense.
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