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Homework Help: Please help me with this

  1. Dec 15, 2009 #1
    two muscles in the back of the leg pull upward on the achilles tendon. find the magnitude and the direction of the total force on the achilles tendon. component method

    L=200 n at 20degrees
    M=200 n at 20degrees

    what kind of formula is best in computing for this problem?


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  3. Dec 15, 2009 #2
    I think I'm missing something here, but
    what are L and M?
    20 degrees to what?
    If the 2 forces of 200N are acting on the same object at the same place and in the same direction, then it must surely be a simple problem to find the resultant?
  4. Dec 15, 2009 #3
    draw the problem out. should be solved by using moments around a pivot.
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