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Please help me

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    please help me!!!

    there are three research homework.and ı dont find anything.these are;

    1)what are the methods of shrinkage of grain boundaries?

    2)in some situatıon,at recovery region,hardness increases.why?

    3)what is dinamic recrystallization and what does effect dinamic recrystallization?

    thank you for your helping...
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    Has one tried searching with Google or other search engine? Particularly for "dynamic recrystallization".

    If it is not in one's own text book, what about the library?

    Ask oneself - what is happening during recrystallization? What happens to dislocations?

    Here is an example for DRX
    http://robertson.mse.uiuc.edu/publications/doughertydynamic.pdf [Broken]

    and perhaps

    http://igitur-archive.library.uu.nl/dissertations/2002-0801-134134/inhoud.htm [Broken]

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    thank you very much!!!
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    You are quite welcome.

    However, please do not post the same post in multiple forums. Please delete the same post in Mechanical & Aerospace forum.

    Thank you.
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    ı know that.ı wrote same subject in mechanical forum by mistake.and ı cant delete it.
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    I'll take care of deleting it. You can use the REPORT post button to ask for that post to be deleted in the future, BTW.
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