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Homework Help: Please Help me

  1. Apr 15, 2007 #1
    Naked singularity can actually move the space craft in past???

    A singularity is a place where the laws of physics break down. So if singularities can interact with the outside Universe, then anything is possible. For instance, it would be possible to send a spacecraft round such a naked singularity on a trajectory that takes it into the past, achieving genuine time travel.
    the text in bold ..... can u explain me??????
    Singularity if not so hidden so can become the strong and extraordinary source of energy... so it is possible that matter will through with great intensity if near to the Naked singularity so by the above sentence in bold what may i understand that it is possible that this ebergy source will move my space craft not actually in forward direction of the cone of space time?so it is possible to go in PAST anyway? .... my threads are not answered basically thats why i am explaining briefly what my problem is...
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    There are a number of reasons nobody is answering your posts. You've posted this in the homework help forum for a start. Secondly, you've conceeded yourself that in a singularity the laws of physics no longer apply. This is a physics forum, and even if anyone genuinely understood the answer it would probably take 13 pages of maths you don't know to explain it. If any enlightening facts about time travel arise through this 'theory', trust me that you'll hear about them on the national news.
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    Sir the singularity is basically the point where there is the infinite density and yet in the case of naked singularity no one can predict what will come out from it so physics may loose its prediction power but it is still a physics phenomena i didn t need any mathematics to prove it but here i think so many physicist are here who can atleast confirm me that could it is possible to with the naked singularity that to go in the past ... the above qouted line in BOLD LETTER is taken from the web site url with newscientist.com ... i just want the views of all of you about this statement and with what angle you people look at it ....
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    helloooooooooooo ! please take attension homework helppers :confused: :shy:
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    sorry , but i think you must be patient because all the homework helpers are helping others too. Please just wait and do your other homework questions.
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